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Guideline Framework

Achievement of Equality of Opportunity & Social Inclusion
For Every Person in the European Union (EU)

Direct and meaningful consultation with people, partnership between all sectors of society, consensus, transparency, institutional openness, and political accountability, are essential elements in 'social wellbeing'. Set out below are a number of areas which should be actively considered by the Institutions of the E.U. and relevant authorities in each Member State, implemented, and effectively monitored through the informed application of sustainability performance indicators ........

    1. Empowering People for Participation in Society

      • respecting dignity, autonomy and independence
      • re-adjusting education and training programmes to facilitate participation
      • re-adjusting welfare and other supports to facilitate participation
      • moving towards a 'person-centred' approach in the design / implementation of support services
      • mainstreaming
      • ensuring seamless provision of services
      • ensuring the principle of social participation

    2. Removing Physical Restrictions on Participation

      • respecting dignity, autonomy and independence
      • viewing access / egress / evacuation and health / safety / welfare issues in the light of equality of opportunity, the right to participate, and the elimination of direct / indirect discrimination based on sex, racial or ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation
      • developing effective legislation, standards (nationally transposed EN Standards), and technical guidance in order to eliminate all forms of restriction
      • monitoring and controlling compliance with legislation
      • moving towards a 'person-centred' approach in the planning / design / construction of a sustainable built environment

    3. Opening Up Every Facet of Society

      • respecting dignity, autonomy and independence
      • upholding the equal civic status of every person
      • promoting employment for people, and education, as keys to social inclusion

    4. Nurturing Opinion of the Public, Government Administrators, and Design Professions to be Receptive to 'Person-Centredness' of the Built Environment

      • respecting dignity, autonomy and independence
      • concerted programmes of awareness raising and education

Updates to this Guideline Framework
Summer 2001 - Updated following a Round Table Discussion at the Montreal World Congress
' Inclusion by Design : Planning the Barrier-Free World '
1st - 5th June, 2001

April 2002 - Updated to incorporate important references to a sustainable 'virtual environment', raising the awareness of politicians, and the informed application of performance indicators.

November 2002
- Updated for commencement of work in the EU 2003 (EYPD) Expert Group on Accessibility.

September 2003 - Updated to incorporate references to a sustainable 'social environment'.

November 2003 - Updated EU Guideline Framework.
Click Here to Download November 2003 EU Guideline Framework
(PDF File, 83kb)

December 2004 - EU Guideline Framework revised and further updated
for International Application.
See Appendix II in the
2004 Rio Declaration on Sustainable Social Development, Disability & Ageing




After much effort, a reference to Sustainable Social Development was included in the 2001 Montreal International Declaration ........


Click flag to download PDF


Click here to go directly to the Canadian Council on Rehabilitation & Work

Montreal International
Declaration on Social Inclusion


Click flag to
download PDF





WebSites of Related Interest

Amnesty International - Irish Section

Centre for International Development at Harvard University - USA

National R & D Centre for Welfare & Health (STAKES) - Finland

United Nations OHCHR - Human Rights & Disability

US Department of Justice - Civil Rights Division




You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDF files. Accessibility of PDF for people with disabilities


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