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Sustainable Design International Limited maintains this WebSite in order to provide public access to information about its driving philosophy, its activities, and the very wide range of its work and international involvements ......
...... and most importantly, insofar as they are relevant to design and construction of the 'built environment', to sustainable human and social development issues in general.

We emphasize that our client list is strictly confidential.

Information on this WebSite does not necessarily engage the responsibility or liability of Sustainable Design International Limited. While our aim is to keep information timely and accurate, we cannot guarantee either. If errors are brought to our attention, we will correct them.

Reproduction by others of content produced and/or developed by Sustainable Design International Limited is permitted, except for commercial purposes, provided the source is acknowledged.

For your convenience, certain information on this WebSite is produced by other organizations, or contains references and links to content maintained by other organizations. Please note that we do not control, and cannot guarantee, the timeliness or accuracy of any of this external material. We would, however, strongly encourage you to always view information at primary source.

For the purposes of European Union, international and national law, this WebSite is not a broadcast, a transmission ...... or a 'performance in public'.

Open Content Policy

Open Content (OC) is authoritative content, in the form of file(s) and/or folder(s) in any electronic format, which is made freely available in the Public Domain.

Open Content Notification (OCN) for Users of Our WebSite
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An Open Content Licence (OCL) is in the course of development.


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